Hi and Welcome!

I’m Krystel Elissa, a freelance content writer and copywriter.

Searching for the right words that translate an identity, a mission, a vision; creating contents that have meaning, that best convey the singularity and the message of a brand, and that can touch an audience in a particular way, is what I do.

Print, web, marketing and communications, storytelling, B2B, B2C: my experience has led me to produce contents (both in French and in English) for different types of materials, purposes and readers.

To have an idea about some of my works, you may have a look at the K.opies section (please keep in mind that some of my clients may have updated their content).

What I enjoy the most is the diversity of ideas, concepts and briefs I work on, as well as the opportunity to collaborate with persons as special and intriguing as their projects, objectives and dreams.

I put heart and dedication in what I do and I’m always enthusiastic about exploring and writing about new fields of activities or industries.

Getting more curious? Have a project in mind you would like to discuss? Then, feel free to contact me!

  krystel@krystelnassif.com +33 (0)6 64 45 72 72 SIREN : 814 601 019

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