Krystel Elissa Nassif


“The idea is to write it so that people hear it and it slides through the brain

and goes straight to the heart.”

(Maya Angelou)


Finding the right words that will make your message clear, relevant and just as unique as you are, is what I do.

Indeed, I can help you with:

  • Creating original and engaging contents that best convey the identity, vision or mission of your brand, and that can touch your audience in a particular way;
  • (Re)writing or editing your web/print content to make it more adequate and appealing;
  • Writing different kinds of copies (posts, articles, newsletters…) while employing the appropriate tone of voice;
  • (Re)formulating what you wish to communicate about your company, products or services but that you find uneasy to describe.

Print, web, marketing and communications, branded content, creative content…: my experience has led me to produce contents for small businesses and particularly for high-end niche brands from the perfumery and jewelry industries. To have an idea about some of my works, you may have a look at the Portfolio section.


Specialised in luxury content writing, I also enjoy exploring and writing about other sectors of activities. Indeed, what I find stimulating is the diversity of concepts and briefs I get to work on, as well as the opportunity to collaborate with persons as special and inspiring as their ideas, objectives and dreams.

I speak three languages: French (mother tongue), English and Italian. Concerning my background and studies, I have a Master in Fashion, Experience and Design Management (SDA Bocconi, Milan).

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