About this copy: this is an extract of a sales presentation I wrote while still working for the congress center Grimaldi Forum Monaco. It was a response to a RFP to host an automotive event (client: luxury car brand). I chose to include this sales copy in my portfolio because it is at that time that I realised how truly thrilled I was about creating contents.

Note: the wordings written in “x” are terms used by the car brand to describe itself. I integrated them in the copy to produce a very personalised presentation which the company could relate to. For confidentiality reasons, the Grimaldi Forum’s client name is not cited.



Monaco, which holds a long tradition and international reputation for prestigious and high quality setting, hospitality and services, will be the ideal sophisticated window for your “exquisite cars”.

Monaco remains a legendary image of elitism, privilege, and distinction, only so well matching with the expectations of a premium and “fascinating” brand.

Side by side with the hotels, city partners and your local agency, we can play an active role so that for 15 days the entire city will be imprinted with the ‘brand name’ spirit. Indeed:

– The Grimaldi Forum Monaco, which has been inaugurated in July 2000, is a flagship, an emblematic superstructure contributing in the dynamic events industry on the scale of the entire country and beyond.

– It is a state-of-the-art facility with advanced architectural features, highly functional facilities, cutting-edge technology, and high-tech equipment, which keeps embarking on various projects of renovation and of upgrading technical services.

– “Efficiency is not a buzzword for us” either: the excellence of our location and services has been highlighted by glowing reports and testimonials from our extremely diverse clients working in very different economic sectors. Our pride lies in the fact that over the past 10 years many have put their faith in our potential to bring their event to success. Among which other premium car manufacturers.

– We are also “fueled by a passion to create the ultimate customer experience”: all the Grimaldi Forum’s teams have the mindset, the commitment and the know-how to serve their clients.